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CSIS Event: Alien Jurisprudence - An Experiment in Invention


Alien Jurisprudence: An Experiment in Invention

Mario Biagioli, Alain Pottage, and Alexandra Lippman have put together an amazing event with CSIS!

Space is limited -  Please contact Alexandra if you are interested in attending! 

Information below and at the following link:




"Recent decisions of the US Supreme Court have revealed the persistence of an ambiguity in the definition of invention. In a series of high-profile cases concerning the patentability of business models, genes, abstract methods, and digital communication technologies, the Court has returned to a number of foundational questions: what is the difference between discovery and invention?; why are abstract ideas not patentable, and what makes an idea concrete rather than abstract?; what is the relation between inventive ideas and their material embodiments? The terms in which these questions are posed have hardly changed since the formation of the modern patent regime. The object of our workshop is to literally bring new perspectives to bear on these fundamental questions by eliciting non-legal jurisprudences of legal texts from patent law -- readings of canonical cases by scholars who are not specialists of patent law -- and bring them into conversations with patent scholars.  For this exercise, we focus on two recent additions to the canon of patent jurisprudence: Myriad and Bilski – the first about gene patenting and the second about the patentability of methods."

Debbora Battaglia (Mt Holyoke College)
Marianne Constable (Berkeley)
Stephanie Dick (Harvard)
Rochelle Dreyfuss (NYU)
Peter Galison (Harvard)
Hannah Landecker (UCLA)
Peter Lee (UC Davis)
Tim Lenoir (UC Davis)
Vincent Lepinay (Sciences-Po, Paris)
Helene Mialet (York)
Andrew Pickering (Exeter)
Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (UC Davis)
Kim Stanley Robinson (Mars Trilogy)
Michael Szalay (UC Irvine)

Organizers:  Mario Biagioli (UC Davis) and Alain Pottage (LSE), in collaboration with Alexandra Lippman (UC Davis)

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