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DOUG KAHN on "Brainwave Music from Cold War to Counter-Culture."

When Jun 03, 2010
from 04:05 PM to 06:00 PM
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Imagine:  John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Chuck Berry, and others on the tv
studio floor of the Mike Douglas Show in 1972, electrodes clinging to
their heads, making music with their brains. Draw the curtain back and
find Norbert Wiener and John Cage, mentors of the physicist Edmond
Dewan and the composer Alvin Lucier, respectively. Dewan had already
performed his brainwaves on national television in 1964, and Lucier
composed his "brainwave piece", Music for Solo Performer the following
year. For each, brainwaves formed but one flank of an audible and
naturally-occurring electromagnetic spatiality, the other occurring on
a geophysical scale, the intervening space caught between Cold War and

See also his SF event May 28:


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