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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
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2016 California STS Retreat Event
STS Talk with Alex Blanchette: Vertically Integrated Intimacy: Love, Labor and the Industrial Pig Event
Weekly STS Coffee Event
Talk with David Novak : The Dubbing of a New Era: Audiocassettes, Open Access and the Dissonances of Digital Democracy Event
"Cosmo-ecological Sheep and the Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet" - a talk by Vinciane Despret in conversation w Donna Haraway Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought with Alexandra Lippman: "Sound Ethnography" Event
Weekly STS Coffee Event
EcoMaterialisms - Scales of Matter(ing) Graduate Conference Event
STS/CSIS Food For Thought With Brit Ross Winthereik: "Conversions" Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: You Are a Hedge Fund with Kim Stanley Robinson Event
STS / CSIS "Food for Thought" event: Stathis Arapostathis - Industrial ‘Property’ and the Politics of Invention in Greece, 1900–1940" Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: Paper-Thin Safeguards and Mass Surveillance in India with Chinmayi Arun Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: Angry Eyes - the God-Trick and the Geography of Militarized Vision with Derek Gregory Event
Surveillance Seminar Series:Great Exploitations: Data Mining, Technological Determinism and the NSA with Matthew L. Jones Event
Thinking Atmospherically: A Conversation with Derek McCormack Event
“Open Access, Piracy, and the Scholarly Publishing Market” - Provost Forum With Chris Kelty Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: How Anonymous (Narrowly) Evaded the Cyberterrorism Rhetorical Machine with Gabriella Coleman Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: Comparative Contractual Privacy Law: the U.S. and EU with Paul Schwartz Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: Surveillance after Snowden: How Much Has Changed? with Shane Kadidal Event
Surveillance Seminar Series: Democracy in an Era of Mass Surveillance with Ben Wizner Event

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