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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
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John Mathews, "Greening of Capitalism: China's Green Development Model as the Driver" Event
Steven Shapin, "How Davis Taught the World to Talk Sense about Wine" Event
Xan Chacko, "When life gives you lemons: the material publication of Frank N. Meyer (1875-1919)" Event
Martin Kenney, "Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?" Event
Reed Malcolm, "How to Publish Your Book" Event
Kris Fallon, "Serial Subjectivity: Social Media and Evolving Forms of Autobiography" Event
Liz Losh, "The Metadata is the Message: Understanding the Rhetoric of Social Movements Online" Event
STS Coffee Event
Kristina Lyons, "Decomposition as Life Politics: Soils, Shared Bodies and Stamina Under the Gun of the US-Colombia War on Drugs" Event
STS Coffee Event
Evelyn Lincoln, "Publication Anxiety in Early Modern Italy" Event
Data Rights & Data Wrongs Workshop Event
Alina Kontareva, "University Structure, IT Educational Dynamics, and Regional Development" Event
Nina Sun Eidsheim, "Air-Animated: Site-Specific Acoustics, Opera, and the Late Stage of Gentrification in Downtown Los Angeles, 2013" Event
Nerea Calvillo, "Air scapes in the Making" Event
STS Coffee Event
Lea Schläpfer, "Protecting Human Subjects in Research: Legal Principles and Responsibility in Clinical Trial Sponsorship" Event
Jeremy Greene, "Imitation and Innovation: A History of 'Me-Too' Medicine" Event
STS Coffee Event
Alexandra Hui, "Standardizing Species: Listening to, Representing, and Universalizing Bird Sounds in the Twentieth Century" Event

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