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Cristiana Giordano

Cristiana Giordano

Assistant Professor of Anthropology


  1. 2006, Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Berkeley
  2. 2001, M.A., Anthropology, UC Berkeley
  3. 1996, B.A., Philosophy, Università di Pavia (Italy)



Medical and psychological anthropology; psychoanalysis; ethno-psychiatry; subjectivity; theories of translation; migration; human rights; citizenship; anthropology of the state and the law; Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Selected Work

"Migrants in Translation. Caring and the Logics of Difference in Contemporary Italy." Berkeley: University of California Press (Forthcoming, 2014)

"Translating Fanon in the Italian Context: Rethinking the Ethics of Treatment in Psychiatry." In Transcultural Psychiatry, Vol.48, No.3, July 2011.

"Practices of Translation and the Making of Migrant Subjectivities in Contemporary Italy." In American Ethnologist, Vol.35, No. 4, November 2008.

"Reflections on Translation in Between the Clinic and Anthropology." In Taliani, S. and Vacchiano, F. (eds.), Altri corpi. Antropologia ed etnopsicologia della migrazione, Edizioni Unicopoli, Milano, 2006.

"Perdersi e ritrovarsi: qualche riflessione sui percorsi della soggettività." In Oltrecorrente. Rivista di filosofia, No. 6, December 2002.


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