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Retreat 2007


For a visual archive of the 2007 STS Retreat please visit Krista Sigurdson's Flickr link:


STS Retreat Feedbak (September 15-17)


  • It was a wonderful event. The venue couldn’t have been better. The hiking possibilities made the retreat really a retreat. Food was great. The usual exhaustion after 2-3 days of intense discussions and presentations ceased to set in.
  • I thought it was wonderful... inspiring and unique, wonderful people and in an incredibly location. It is not every weekend that you get to hang with other faculty and students you wouldn’t otherwise meet. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my research, get people’s feedback and hear about their projects.
  • I’d love to have Rayna Rapp, Adele Clarke, Charis Thompson and Joe Dumit invited. Others from outside CA would also be great. Oh, and as an aside I really liked that there were faculty from multiple disciplines at the retreat.
  • I thought a mix of students at different levels was great —great to see students have a lot to say to each other, to help each other out at different stages.
  • This was a great opportunity to connect with other folks working on similar themes, objects, questions. I came away totally inspired by the conversation.
  • Had a great time and really enjoyed hearing about the spectrum of research both professors and students are working on within the larger rubric of STS and getting feedback about my own. That is invaluable.
  • I have returned with some very clear ideas about how to proceed with my writing —how to articulate ideas more clearly than before, etc.— that are largely based on the misunderstandings and moments of connection made with people at the conference. Thank you UC Davis STS.
  • The event was great —I met people I had only briefly seen at other events and got to know them and their work a bit, including people form other campuses (especially Santa Cruz) whose work overlaps mine. This was a very efficient way to get to know about the work of many graduate students and some of my Davis colleagues, whom I only get to talk to now and then. I wish all interdisciplinary programs had this kind of retreat built into their structure and funding on an annual basis.
  • I thought it was great. I especially liked that graduate students had the opportunity to learn from other grad students as well as junior and more senior faculty. I thought that really encouraged learned and asking questions. I also thought that the ratio between students and faculty was about right —for the purposes of encouraging grad student learning.
  • Headlands were excellent. What a great spot. It was clean, beautiful, good meals, and offered the ability to go hiking and just sit out doors!
  • Overall the event was great. I was able to meet people whose work I already admired from afar and discover hidden talent in the Bay Area that I had not known about before. I loved this format!

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