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STS Courses

These STS courses are planned for the coming year. Also check here for information about STS 175 and 180 topics and other relevant course announcements.

Undergraduate STS Courses Spring 2017

*Classes in Winter and Spring 2017 are subject to change, please check back for updates to the proposed curriculum.

 (Click Here to DOWNLOAD THE ANNUAL SCHEDULE for 2016-2017)

Seminar Topics + Extended Descriptions


 Spring 2017

  • STS 131       Darwin          Instructor: James Griesemer

Students will explore the life and times of Charles Darwin and will trace the development of evolutionary thinking before and after the Origin of Species to appreciate its place in Victorian society and in the corpus of Darwin's thought.

  • STS 173 - Science Fiction

  • STS 175      Laboratory Studies Lab   -  CANCELLED

  • STS 180      Topics in History and philosophy of Science     Instructor: Carroll 

    In depth treatment of selected topis in the history and philosophy of science. Possible topics include history of modern physics, history of molecular biology, science and society, science and power, scientific explanation, technology and culture, theory testing.

  • STS 190      Sounding Data   Instructor: Marshall (CRN: 91459)

Description: Turning data into sound: creative and critical approaches

  • STS 198      Data Sense and Exploration   Instructor: Espe (CRN: 89744)

Learn more HERE

  • ANT 191      Anthropology of Sound   Instructor: Lippman (CRN: 92414)

Description: This course provides a survey of the anthropology of sound while reflecting on and imagining the future of sound ethnography. We will examine how sound—and music—are perceived, produced, disciplined, and silenced across cultures.


UCD Catalog STS Course Descriptions

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