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Undergraduate Minor in History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)

We are applying to revise the HPS Minor into an STS Minor, until the process is done, the following is the official definition of the minor. Please talk to an advisor regarding using STS courses to fulfill the requirements.

Committee in Charge

Patrick E. Carroll (Sociology) web
Marisol de la Cadena (Anthropology) web
James R. Griesemer (Philosophy) web
Caren Kaplan (WGS) web
Catherine J. Kudlick (History) web
Madhavi Sunder (Law) web

Minor Program Requirements

The interdisciplinary minor in the history and philosophy of science invites students to examine historical and contemporary problems in a variety of scientific disciplines, and to explore concepts and procedures basic to science and how they have evolved. The minor is sponsored by the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science.


History and Philosophy of Science


Philosophy 30


Five courses from those listed below: One course must be from each of three areas:


(a) History 102, 135A, 135B, 136, 139A, 139B, 185A, 185B, 188A, 188B;


(b) Philosophy 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111;


(c) History and Philosophy of Science 20, 130A, 130B, 131, 150, 180;





The UCDavis Registrar's official HPS Degree Requirements are in the on-line Catalog

Advising Center Information:

101 Young Hall
Advising Reception: 530-752-5104
Or email:



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