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Hello students of Science and Technology Studies, Anthropology, Biology, Philosophy, Chemistry, History, Computer Science or any of the other disciplines of the sciences, social sciences, and/or humanities!

Do you have interests that cross the "realms" of science and other "domains" such as art or the social sciences? Have you ever wanted to know where what we know comes from and how it is that we came to know it? Would you like to meet other people with as diverse interests as you and with whom you can share ideas and experiences from your respective backgrounds and fields of study? 


Then be among the first on our campus to bring together students from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities in the new Science and Technology Studies Club!

The STS club has yet to be established, but YOU could be the next STS club organizer. Contact the Center for Student Involvement ( for more information about starting a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Contact with inquiries regarding the STS club.

Prospective activities include:

* Touring laboratories on campus. We attend one of the top research institutions in the country and have a unique opportunity to see how discoveries are made and how new knowledge is formed in various disciplines!
* Viewing films that encourage thought about how science and technology have shaped our culture and imagination.
* Socializing with awesome students from diverse academic backgrounds with varied interests. 

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