Winter 2019

Lower Division Courses

STS 1: Introduction to Science Studies

P. Carroll, TR 3:10-4:30 + section

History, philosophy, sociology, politics, and cultural studies of science, technology, and medicine. Emphasis on a broad range of perspectives. SS, WE.

STS 11: Science on Trial: Law and Science in America

G. Con Diaz TR 1:40-3:00

Relationships among law, technology, and science. Scientific evidence and testimony, biology education, patenting, and sterilization. SS, ACGH.

STS 32: Drugs, Science & Culture

J. Dumit TR 1:40-3:00

Drugs, politics, science, society in a cultural perspective: emphasis on roles of science, government and the media in shifting attitudes toward alcohol, marijuana, Prozac and other pharmaceuticals; drug laws, war on drugs and global trade in sugar, opium, cocaine. SS, VL, WE.

STS 40A: Media History 1

TBD TR 12:10-1:30 + section

History of Media to 1945, with particular focus on mechanically reproduced mass media technologies including the printing press, the newspaper, photography, cinema, radio and early computing technology. Analysis of inter-related cultural and political topics. AH, OL, SS, VL, WE.

STS 51: Ancient Medicine

C. Webster TR 10:30-11:50 + section

Medicine in ancient Greece and Rome; physiological conceptions of the body within scientific and social frameworks; exploration of sanitation technology and health in antiquity; medical treatment of the female body; medicine and the economy. AH, WC, WE.

Upper Division Courses

STS 112: Visualizing Society

E. Merchant, TR 9:00-10:20

Analysis and visualization of historical and contemporary data about populations and societies using R. Critical exploration of visual communication of information about people over time and critical assessment of role of data collection and analysis in societies. DD, QL, SS.

STS 113: Business & Technology

G. Con Diaz, TR 9:00-10:20

 Historical introduction to the joint development of business and technology in the United States from the late nineteenth century to the present day. SS, ACGH, WE.

STS 175: Laboratory Studies Lab

T. Choy, MW 10:00-11:50

Critical/historical examination of medical technologies: imaging, pharmaceuticals, genetics, implants/devices. Exploration of mutually constitutive relationship between health, medical technologies, social difference (race/gender/class/sexuality). SS, WE.

STS 190: Science and Power in California 

P. Carroll, W 2:10-5:00 

An interdisciplinary approach to the relations between gender and science. Topics include the biological and cultural construction of sexual difference, the role of women as practitioners of science, and feminist approaches to science.

Graduate Courses

STS 250 (CRN 55382): Faciality

K. Ravetto-Biagioli, T 12:10-3:00 


STS 250 (CRN 55675): Texts, Maps, Networks and Numbers: Computational Approaches in the Humanities and Interpretive Social Sciences

E. Merchant, T 12:10-3:00