Following the campus guidelines for Coronavirus all UC Davis classes, lectures, seminars, labs and discussion sections will move to virtual instruction and remain virtual through the end of fall quarter 2020.  The best way to reach staff and faculty is by email.  See our Humans page for our directory.

Current remote office hours - this document will be updated as needed.

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STS Calendar
Environments and Societies Colloquium with Professor Gregg Mitman
April 10th: Bruce Clarke, "Bruno Latour's Gaia Theory"
Please RSVP:
Food for Thought with Britt Winthereik
California STS Retreat
This year marks our 13th annual California STS retreat at the beautiful Nature Bridge venue in the Marin Headlands. The retreat this year will feature a variety of workshops and social activities, including: * STS in 2 minutes * Dissertation proposal groups * Mini-Workshops taught by faculty * Professionalization Sessions (grants, jobs, book proposals, writing, teaching, etc.) * Slideshare Karaoke! * Nature & Beach Theory Walks * Great meals and lots of coffee in collectable swag New for this year: in addition to graduate student professionalization activities, we will also introduce some programming focusing on research and professionalization for early career faculty. Registration is due by March 22: For details, or to be added to the email list, please email Melissa at
STS coffee
Join STS faculty and grads for a weekly gathering with coffee, snacks, conversation, and work space.
April 18th: Food For Thought with Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern
An event co-hosted by STS, CSIS, and Anthropology.
Society for the Social Studies of Science
Upcoming Event
Congratulations to our graduates!
Congratulations to the class of 2017! For more information, visit the official commencement website.
ModLab video game on STEAM
"Play the Knave," a video game developed at the UC Davis ModLab by Prof. Gina Bloom and her team of researchers, is now on Steam Greenlight!
duskin drum, "served or served?"
“served or served?” is a participatory modeling of parallel structures of servers, and inherent limits in the restricting protocols of the operations and architecture of the network. It is a participatory performance that mimics some aspects of servers and data centers while discussing their material life. The performance or game makes a human allegorical interpretation of the structure and materiality of our dispersed everyday digital knowing.
STS Fall Welcome Party
Andrew Mathews, "Sensing Disaster and Transformation: Modeling the Dramas of Italian Forest Futures"
Public Lecture presented by the Anthropology Department Colloquium, co-sponsored by STS.
Talk by Natasha Myers
Public lecture presented by the Anthropology Department Colloquium, co-sponsored by STS.
April 18th: STS Event Featuring Whitney Phillips and Ryan Milner
April 9th: Bruce Clarke, "Adventures in the Systems Counterculture: From the Whole Earth Network to Autopoietic Gaia"
Dan Kotliar - "Algorithmic Identity in an Age of Symbolic Demise: A Study of the Israeli Data Analytics Industry"
"Shibboleths in the Studio: On Boundary Objects for Boundary-Work" with Dr. Owen Marshall
Please RSVP to receive the pre-circulated text for this Food For Thought with STS Postdoc Owen Marshall. Refreshments will be provided.
March 6: Luis Campos, "Neanderthals in Space"
George Church’s Modest Steps Toward Possible Futures
Rendered Worlds: New Regimes of Imaging
Co-organized by teams from Stanford University and University of California Davis, this event brings together a transatlantic group of scholars to discuss the social, historical, technical, and aesthetic entanglements of our computational images.
War, Security, and Digital Media Symposium