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History & Philosophy of Science Minor

An interdisciplinary minor on the history and philosophy of science.

Sponsored by STS, the interdisciplinary minor in the history and philosophy of science (HPS) invites students to examine historical and contemporary problems in a variety of scientific disciplines and to explore concepts and procedures basic to science and how they have evolved. 


Philosophy 30


Five courses from those listed below. One course must be from each of three areas: (a) history, (b) philosophy, and (c) science and technology studies

(a) History: 102, 135A, 135B, 136, 139A, 139B, 185A, 185B, 188A, 188B

(b) Philosophy: 107, 108, 109, 110, 111

(c) Science and Technology Studies: 20, 130A, 130B, 131, 150, 180