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Is there any part of your social, personal, medical, or political world that is not transformed and challenged by science and technology?

Science and Technology Studies is designed to facilitate the analysis and synthesis of science, technology, and medicine in a way that actively creates connections between the varieties of perspectives and concerns in the humanities and the sciences. The STS major takes science, technology, medicine, and their social, political, economic, and cultural contexts as its objects of study. As such, the STS major draws on the research programs of faculty in a wide range of departments, including american studies, anthropology, economics, environmental science and policy, history, philosophy, political science and sociology. Students in STS pursue a broader understanding of science than is available within traditional science majors and is also suitable for students in the social sciences interested in interpreting science, technology and medicine as part of society and culture.

Real World

STS prepares students for careers that address the broader social, cultural and political ramifications of science, technology and medicine such as law, journalism, public policy, economics, government, and science education. In addition to academic careers in STS, students have pursued careers systems engineering, Web site design, science museums, non-profit health organizations, government service, libraries, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, teaching, public health administration, media companies, management consultant practice, and the Peace Corps.



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