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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
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STS Food For Thought - Technologies of Friendship w/ Dr. Tomas Sanchez Criado Thursday April 20th Event
STS/ISS Colloquium with Dr. Jan De Vos - "Digitizing Intersubjectivity: A Critical Reading of Both Turing and Wiener’s Freudian Inspirations" Event
STS/CSIS Food For Thought, April 19th: Dr. Tomás Sánchez Criado - “Technologies of friendship: In search for a diverse common world” Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought, Mar. 13th: Dr. Andrea Ballestero - “Wonder, Water, and the Devices that make it differ” Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought, Mar. 7th: Dr. Sophie Roosth - "Turning to Stone: Fossil Hunting and Coeval Estrangement in Montana" Event
Thursday March 2nd - STS/CSIS Colloquium: “Marking Disidentification: Race, Corporeality, and Resistance in Trademark Law” with Dr. Anjali Vats Event
STS/CSIS Colloquium, March 1st: Dr. Helen Verran - “Concepts and Re-Presentations in Ethnography: How to use concepts between different knowledge traditions and between writing and field” Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought, Tuesday Feb. 21st: Anne O'Connor - "Frankenskeeters and the “Good” Aedes: Politics and Science in the Body of the Transgenic Mosquito" Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought, Thurs. Feb. 9th: Michelle Murphy - "Against population, Towards Alterlife" Event
STS/CSIS Workshop: Mon. Feb. 6 12-2 pm. Bitcoin & the Environment w/ Nathan Ensmenger Event
Tuesday January 24th -STS/CSIS Colloquium: " Beyond Efficiency - Ethics and Fairness Concerns in Citizen Science" with Shun-Ling Chen Event
Wednesday, January 18th, STS/CSIS Event - "The Transaction and the Message: From Database to Marketplace, 1970-2000" - Data Studies Job Talk with Michael Castelle Event
First Winter Quarter STS Coffee Social Event
Current Mediations : Roundtable Event
UC Davis STS Colloquium November 30th: History of Soviet Computing Event
Anat Mooreville STS "Food for Thought" Event
2016 California STS Retreat Event
STS Talk with Alex Blanchette: Vertically Integrated Intimacy: Love, Labor and the Industrial Pig Event
Weekly STS Coffee Event
Talk with David Novak : The Dubbing of a New Era: Audiocassettes, Open Access and the Dissonances of Digital Democracy Event

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