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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
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Alexandra Lippman, "Big Names: Attribution, Tribute and Technology in Brazilian Funk" Event
Elif Kale-Lostuvali, "Universities and the Public Good in the Age of Climate Change" Event
Round Table with Hugh Raffles, Tim Choy, and Joe Dumit: "Stone/Image, Air/Suspension, Body/Improvisation" Event
Francesco Lissoni, "Double Disclosures and the Negotiation of Scientific Credit in Research Teams" Event
Jeremy Fernando, "On walking with my teacher - ink, writing, calamari..." Event
Mike Furlough, "The HathiTrust Research Corpus" Event
Nigel Thrift, "Cities in the Anthropocene" Event
Nigel Thrift, "Chancellor's Colloquium Distinguished Speaker Series" Event
Ted Striphas, "Algorithmic Culture: A Vocabulary of Technology and Society" Event
Natasha Myers, "Politics of Evidence (in Canada)" Event
Alessandro Delfanti, "High Energy Papers: Digital Scholarly Publishing in the Making" Event
John Mathews, "Greening of Capitalism: China's Green Development Model as the Driver" Event
Steven Shapin, "How Davis Taught the World to Talk Sense about Wine" Event
Xan Chacko, "When life gives you lemons: the material publication of Frank N. Meyer (1875-1919)" Event
Martin Kenney, "Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?" Event
Reed Malcolm, "How to Publish Your Book" Event
Kris Fallon, "Serial Subjectivity: Social Media and Evolving Forms of Autobiography" Event
Liz Losh, "The Metadata is the Message: Understanding the Rhetoric of Social Movements Online" Event
STS Coffee Event
Kristina Lyons, "Decomposition as Life Politics: Soils, Shared Bodies and Stamina Under the Gun of the US-Colombia War on Drugs" Event

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