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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
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CSIS Lunchtime Seminar: Arie Rip Event
Critical Theory Colloquium: Samuel Weber Event
Cultural Studies Colloquium: Hanna Shell Event
STS/CSIS Food for Thought: Stacey Langwick Event
Philosophy Food For Thought--Paul Teller Event
CANCELLED: Food for Thought: Rasmus Winther Event
Gaming the Game Event
Food for Thought: Emily Martin Event
Food for Thought: Tracking & Suspending (a Knowledge/Value Conversation) Event
Critical Theory Colloq: Sande Cohen Event
STS Colloq: Mark Robinson (Feb 6, noon) Event
STS Food for Thought: Sophia Roosth - "Of Foams and Formalisms: Scientific Expertise and Craft Practice in Molecular Gastronomy" Event
Mara Mills - Deafening: The History of Noise and Impairment in the Telephone System Event
STS Lunchtime Talk and Discussion: Jeffrey Schwartz “Why biological evolution cannot serve as a framework for cultural evolution” Event
Food for Thought: David Leitner - Evoking Ignorance: Abstraction and Anonymity in Social Networking’s Ideology of Reciprocity Event
STS Colloquium: Koichi Mikami - Constructing Research Communities: Regenerative Medicine in UK and Japan Event
PAMELA SAMUELSON will present "Is the Google Book Settlement the Copyright Reform We Need?" Event
DOUG KAHN on "Brainwave Music from Cold War to Counter-Culture." Event
"NATURALLY OBSESSED: the making of a scientist", documentary by Richard Rifkind & Carole Rifkind Event
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