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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
 Title   Type 
Eduardo Kohn, "On Sylvan Thinking" Event
Art of the Archive Workshop Event
Cristiana Giordano Book Event, "Migrants in Translation: Caring and the Logics of Difference in Contemporary Italy" Event
Alex Csiszar, "The Scientific Journal: A Political History" Event
Joseph Alter, "Yoga as Nature Cure: Modernity, Medicine and the Political Ecology of Bodies" Event
Methods as Unusual: Kathleen Stewart Event
Methods as Unusual: Anand Pandian Event
Alberto Corsin Jimenez, "Ecologies in beta: the city as infrastructure of apprenticeships" Event
Fernando Garcia Naharro, "Science Hanging from Tree: Official Image of Science under Franco" Event
Don Brenneis, "The Work of Scholarship in the Era of Electronic Reproduction" Event
Methods as Unusual: A Workshop with Annemarie Mol Event
Provost's Forums with Alessandro Duranti (UCLA) Event
COLLABRA: Dan Morgan on Open Access and Adventures in Digital Publishing at UC Press Event
Premkumar Devanbu and Vladimir Filkov, "Studying code and those who code" Event
Fiamma Montezemolo, "Tracing Lines" Event
Stephanie Graeter, "An Ethical Objectivity: Jesuit Science, Political Legitimacy, and Lead Exposure in Peru's Montaru Valley" Event
Cesare Casarino, "Housework: Expression, Representation, and the Time of Domestic Labor in Gilles Deleuze's Study of the Cinema" Event
Lisa Stevenson, "Thinking in Pictures: Inuit, Colonialism, and the Unbidden Image" Event
Alexandra Lippman, "Big Names: Attribution, Tribute and Technology in Brazilian Funk" Event
Elif Kale-Lostuvali, "Universities and the Public Good in the Age of Climate Change" Event

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