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Play the Knave Video Game to be Distributed on Steam!

"Play the Knave," a video game developed at the UC Davis ModLab by Prof. Gina Bloom and her team of researchers, has won a vote to be released through the Steam platform!

Congratulations to the Play the Knave team


Play the Knave won the support of voters as part of the Steam Greenlight program. The game is now gearing up to be released through the Steam platform, which is the largest digital distribution platform for computer games. Many thanks to the friends of UC Davis STS who voted to greenlight the game!

Check Steam and the ModLab website for information about the official release date as details emerge.

About Play The Knave

Play the Knave is an interactive motion-sensing game that allows players to experience the plays of Shakespeare by acting out scenes with their choice of costume and setting. Lines are delivered karaoke style while on-screen avatars move along with the player. 

Steam Greenlight PTK