Following the campus guidelines for Coronavirus all UC Davis classes, lectures, seminars, labs and discussion sections will move to virtual instruction and remain virtual through the end of fall quarter 2020.  The best way to reach staff and faculty is by email.  See our Humans page for our directory.

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Events that have already happened.

Rendered Worlds: New Regimes of Imaging

Co-organized by teams from Stanford University and University of California Davis, this event brings together a transatlantic group of scholars to discuss the social, historical, technical, and aesthetic entanglements of our computational images.

Dan Kotliar - "Algorithmic Identity in an Age of Symbolic Demise: A Study of the Israeli Data Analytics Industry"

Bonnie Ruberg - Video Games Have Always Been Queer

STS Coffee

STS Coffee

California STS Retreat

This year marks our 13th annual California STS retreat at the beautiful Nature Bridge venue in the Marin Headlands. The retreat this year will feature a variety of workshops and social activities, including: * STS in 2 minutes * Dissertation proposal groups * Mini-Workshops taught by faculty * Professionalization Sessions (grants, jobs, book proposals, writing, teaching, etc.) * Slideshare Karaoke! * Nature & Beach Theory Walks * Great meals and lots of coffee in collectable swag New for this year: in addition to graduate student professionalization activities, we will also introduce some programming focusing on research and professionalization for early career faculty. Registration is due by March 22: For details, or to be added to the email list, please email Melissa at

Alva Noe, "Styles of Seeing"

STS coffee

STS coffee

STS coffee

Join STS faculty and grads for a weekly gathering with coffee, snacks, conversation, and work space.

Symposium: Nothingness/Emptiness/Absence

What is emptiness? Why is there very little academic vocabulary to talk about emptiness and nothingness? Clearly, since its metaphysical foundations in classic Greek thought, the notion of Being has occupied a privileged position in Western philosophy. To talk about being is just common sense; yet to talk about emptiness is at least paradoxical. What alternative forms of social organization and justice emerge when we consider ourselves as processes (selving) and not as essential substance? The (un)becoming that accompanies becoming-with usually unra- vels into the relatively obscure place of nihilism, in the form of nothingness. This is partially produced because we are trapped in the metaphysics of presence, of positivism. It absents absence; it fills emptiness; it speaks over silences. This one-day symposium invite us to take indeterminancy, negative facts, abscences, nothingness, and emptiness as furniture of the world. This symposium will be a jam conversation between Asian Philosophy, Critical Thinking, the Arts, and Contemporary Physics.

Philosophy Colloquium: Robert Skipper, "PMS and Criminal Responsibility"

Futurity Factory: A Symposium on Speculative Media, Science & Technology

Futurity Factory is a one-day symposium that will bring together humanities faculty and graduate students to explore the agency of the arts and cultural production in shaping epistemic, technological and scientific change. This symposium aims to galvanize cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research on the cultural construction of the future. This event is co-sponsored by the Department of English, Science and Technology Studies, Cinema and Digital Media, The UC Humanities Research Institute and the UC Davis Humanities Institute.

Adele Clarke and Donna Haraway, "Making Kin Not Population"

*This event has been relocated to 107 Art Annex* The discussion will be based on the authors' essay collection, Making Kin Not Population: Reconceiving Generations (2018). We will use a modified Food For Thought format, combining short presentations from our speakers with active audience discussion. The authors have requested that participants read three chapters (they are short!): Adele Clarke’s introduction, Donna Haraway’s chapter, “Making Kin in the Chthulucene,” and a third chapter of the reader’s choice.

Kris Peterson and Kaushik Sunder Rajan, "Multi-scalar, Multi-si(gh)ted"

A conversation on methods and ethnographic research design with Kris Peterson and Kaushik Sunder Rajan Conversation will be based on pre-circulated materials and short presentations from the speakers. Please RSVP at to receive materials. Kris Peterson is Associate Professor of Anthropology at UC Irvine. She is the author of Speculative Markets: Drug Circuits and Derivative Life in Nigeria (Duke, 2014) and is currently working on several projects. The first studies failed HIV-related clinical trials in several African countries (with Morenike Oluwatoyin Folayan). A second project on “viral geopolitics” examines how four resilient and changing viruses in West Africa and the Sahel index political struggles and geopolitical formations underway since September 11, 2001. A third project is a handbook that teaches how to conceptualize and implement multiscalar ethnography in dissertation projects and beyond (with Valerie Olson). She will speak about the latter as well as graduate training in research design. Kaushik Sunder Rajan is Professor of Anthropology at University of Chicago. He works on the political economy of the life sciences and biomedicine, and is the author of Biocapital: The Constitution of Post-Genomic Life (Duke, 2007), editor of Lively Capital: Biotechnologies, Ethics, and Governance in Global Markets (Duke, 2012), and author of Pharmocracy: Value, Politics and Knowledge in Global Biomedicine (Duke, 2017). He is beginning a new research project which looks at intersections between health and law in South Africa and India. He has just completed a book on the praxis of multi-sited ethnography, "Multi-si(gh)ted", currently under consideration by University of Chicago Press, and will speak to some of the concerns and arguments of the book. co-sponsored by Sociocultural Anthropology Colloquium and Science and Technology Studies

Mycelial Gaming in the Fungal Queendom

A game by Stephanie Maroney, Anuj Vaidya, Mercedes Villalba

James, "Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin"

duskin drum, "served or served?"

“served or served?” is a participatory modeling of parallel structures of servers, and inherent limits in the restricting protocols of the operations and architecture of the network. It is a participatory performance that mimics some aspects of servers and data centers while discussing their material life. The performance or game makes a human allegorical interpretation of the structure and materiality of our dispersed everyday digital knowing.

Food for Thought with Britt Winthereik

The NO!!!BOT: A Performance by Praba Pilar

STS Fall Welcome Party

June 4th: Nicolas Rasmussen, "Measuring Fatness and its Hazards: Precision Adiposometry vs. a 1950s Public Health Campaign against Obesity"

May 29th: Dusan Bjelic, "Molecular Colonialism: the Case of Cocaine"

Talk by Natasha Myers

Public lecture presented by the Anthropology Department Colloquium, co-sponsored by STS.

April 18th: STS Event Featuring Whitney Phillips and Ryan Milner

April 18th: Food For Thought with Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern

An event co-hosted by STS, CSIS, and Anthropology.

April 10th: Bruce Clarke, "Bruno Latour's Gaia Theory"

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April 9th: Bruce Clarke, "Adventures in the Systems Counterculture: From the Whole Earth Network to Autopoietic Gaia"

April 4th: STS Colloquium with Gwen Ottinger, "From Sensing to Sense-Making: the Next Frontier in Citizen Science"

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March 6: Luis Campos, "Neanderthals in Space"

George Church’s Modest Steps Toward Possible Futures