STS DE - Admissions and Requirements

Admissions Criteria

PhD candidates in an affiliated department or program (Anthropology, Cultural Studies, English, Geography, History, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, or Study of Religion) are eligible for admission.

Candidates should apply by filling out the online "Intent to Declare" form for the DE in STS. Applications will be reviewed and selections made by the DE executive committee.

Click here to access the "Intent to Declare" form

Please direct any questions to the Chair of the Designated Emphasis in STS, Prof. Marisol de la Cadena (


Students are required to complete four graduate seminar courses relevant to the Designated Emphasis. These courses include: 1) STS 200 “Science and Technology Studies”; and 2) three other STS seminar courses (e.g. STS 205, STS 210, STS 250, etc.) or seminar courses in another department that include a substantive STS approach. (Only one of these seminars can be in the student’s home PhD program).

Required Course:

  • Science and Technology Studies 200: “Theories and Methods in Science and Technology Studies” (4)

Elective Courses:

  • Science and Technology Studies 205: "Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Studies" (4)
  • Science and Technology Studies 210: "Digital Technologies: History and Theory" (4)
  • Science and Technology Studies 250: “History and Philosophy of Science” (4)
  • History 201S: "Sources and General Literature of History: History of Science and Medicine" (4)
  • Philosophy 208: “Philosophy of Biology” (4)
  • Philosophy 210: “Philosophy of Science” (4)
  • Philosophy 220: “Environmental Ethics” (4)


Some graduate seminars offered in the affiliated departments have topics that change each year, and these courses may also count for the DE elective if they include a substantive STS approach. These seminars will be approved by the DE Committee on a case-by-case basis.


Qualifying Examination Requirements:

It is expected that the qualifying exam will include subject matter related to the DE. The Dissertation committee will include at least one DE faculty member who will participate in the examination. Satisfactory performance on the Qualifying Examination for the Ph.D will be judged independently from the performance on the DE.

Dissertation Requirements:

It is expected that the student’s dissertation should contain original research on material connected with Science and Technology Studies. The Dissertation committee will include at least one DE faculty member.