UC Davis STS Major Hipolito Angel Cerros Elected to Lindsay City Council (Tulare County)

Hipolito Angel Cerros, who expects to graduate in the spring, won a seat on the Lindsay City Council (Tulare County). Hipolito is a Science and Technology Studies major (emphasis in data and media technologies) with a minor in technology management, and he plans to attend law school.

As a newly elected City Councilman, I hope to redefine what it means to be involved in local politics. Being the youngest elected councilman in my City of Lindsay, I am beyond thrilled to see not only youths involved in these types of decision processes but also to represent a generation who will not just sit idly by and see events unfold around them. I am proud to be part of a historic election year where youths turned out in record breaking numbers to fight and voice for social issues that are the most important.

For once my friends, peers, and youths in general are actually excited about local politics. This is ground breaking to me not just because of how we are redefining the political norms but also because we are at a place in society where our voices simply can not go unheard. Being part of a progressive generation who is willing to stand up for a future they believe in and tackle issues that are a threat to humanity head on- issues ranging from climate change, to racial discrimination, to police brutality and so on- has not only shaped me as a person but also shaped what I represent.
I am proud to represent STS considering how its a new & quickly emerging field of study. This multi-disciplinary field of study and its historical, social, and cultural approach has deepened my understanding as to how communities function, how the world works, and where it is headed. STS has given me a unique perspective that I think is necessary for combating the issues that most impact our society.
Finally, I am reminded everyday as to why I decided to become more civically engaged. I hope to encourage others to do the same. Although I may be young, I am eager to stand up for my community and serve in ways that I feel are appropriate. I hope to learn from others just as much as I hope to teach and educate them about my views and standpoints. I know I am not alone and find comfort knowing that I am doing what I feel is right!!
I would like to give recognition to my mentors in STS who have taught me so many valuable skills that have helped me prepare for local politics. A huge shout out to Professor Lindsay Poirier, Emily Merchant, Gerardo Con Diaz, and Joseph Dumit- all STS professors. Their expertise has resonated onto me beyond that of a classroom. Thanks to their mentorship I have acquired data analysis skills that are crucial when addressing and leveraging civic issues related to equity, representation, and equality. Thank you all so so much!!

I would also like to thank my professors in the Technology Management minor program. Thank you to Professor Cyrus Aram, Doug Findlay, and Albert Contreras. Through them, I have acquired the business skills needed to handle real world problems such as applying frameworks to decompose business models, developing solutions that cater around resident demographics, managing & budgeting, the list goes on. A final thank you to Professor Elaine McCollom who reassured me that Law School in the future is the path for me. Thank you all so so much!!

-Hipolito Angel Cerros, STS major and newly-elected member of the Lindsay City Council in Tulare County