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UC Davis STS Major Hipolito Angel Cerros Elected to Lindsay City Council (Tulare County)

Hipolito Angel Cerros, who expects to graduate in the spring, won a seat on the Lindsay City Council (Tulare County). Hipolito is a Science and Technology Studies major (emphasis in data and media technologies) with a minor in technology management, and he plans to attend law school.

"I am beyond happy to see more youths involved in these kinds of decision processes. I think together we are redefining what it means to be involved in politics. I say this because for once, my friends, peers, and youths in general are actually excited about local politics & I think this is so unique considering the place we are at in society. I would also like to thank and give recognition to my mentors in STS who have taught me so many things that have helped me prepare for local politics. A huge shoutout to Professor Lindsay Poirier, Emily Merchant, Gerardo Con Diaz, & Joseph Dumit- all STS professors- without their mentorship I dont think I could have done it!! Lastly, I am proud to represent STS considering how its a new & quickly emerging field of study."

-Hipolito Angel Cerros, STS major and newly-elected member of the Lindsay City Council in Tulare County