Finn Brunton

Finn Brunton Portrait

Position Title

1246C, Social Sciences and Humanities
1 Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616


(Portrait by my sister Tessa Brunton)

Research Focus

Histories and theories of technology; history of computing (pre- and post-electronic), networking, early programming, cryptography; hacking and hacker culture, free and open source software; failed technologies, vaporware, theories of hype, dead media, abandoned infrastructure; transhumanism, cosmism, cryonics, Extropians; surveillance and privacy; currencies, cryptocurrencies, transaction and payment systems, debt, alternative and experimental currencies; history of capitalism, socialist calculation problem, Cybersyn, autonomy, workerism/operaismo; ancient technologies: knots and knotting, cordage and textiles, mnemonics, metallurgy, foraging, load carriage; abolitionist projects; historiography, theories of history, Ginzburg, Braudel, Koselleck; manufacturing and logistics. Currently working on a project about the history and practices of rational utopians and their media over the last two hundred years or so


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Communication. With Mercedes Bunz and Paula Bialski. University of Minnesota / Meson Press, 2019

Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest. With Helen Nissenbaum. MIT Press, 2015

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