Spring 2022 Courses - Science and Technology Studies

Lower Division Courses

STS 001: Introduction to Science, Technology, and Medicine Studies

MW 5:10-6:30pm + section

History, philosophy, sociology, politics, and cultural studies of science, technology, and medicine. Emphasis on a broad range of perspectives. SS,WE.

STS 002: Introduction to the History of Science and Technology

MWF 10-10:50am + section

Introduction to topics and methods of the history of science and technology. Emphasis on understanding the role of science and technology in the modern world through a long-term historical perspective. AH,SL,SS,WC,WE.

STS 012: Epidemics & Society


Epidemics in world history and the cultural impacts of contagious diseases. The roles of science, medicine, media, and the arts in shaping social conceptions of health and illness. AH,SL,SS,VL,WC,WE.

STS 040B: Media History 2: 1945 - present

TR 1:40-3:00pm + section + film viewing

History of media from 1945 to present, with particular focus on the development of the computer, digital network and Internet technologies in the context of other media infrastructures like radio, television and satellite networks. Analysis of inter-related cultural/political topics. AH,SS.


Upper Division Courses

STS 121: Special Topics in Medical Anthropology

MW 12:10-2:00pm

Introduction to critical medical anthropology. Topics include anthropological analysis of bio-medicine, psychiatry, systems of knowledge and healing, the body, emotions, and clinical encounters in a cross-cultural perspective. SS,WC,WE.

STS 129: Health and Medicine in a Global Context

TR 4:40-6:00pm

Recent works in medical anthropology and the science studies of medicine dealing with social and cultural aspects of global health issues such as AIDS, pandemics, clinical trials, cultural differences in illnesses, diabetes, organ trafficking, medical technologies, illness narratives, and others. SS,WC,WE.

STS 130B: History of Modern Biology

TR 3:10-4:30pm

Development of modern biology from pre-Darwinian roots to the present. Considers emergence of modern biological specialities and consolidation of biological theory around evolutionary ideas. History of allied fields such as genetics, paleontology, embryology, ecology, systematics and molecular biology. AH,SE,WE.

STS 151A: Media Theory

TR 9:00-9:50pm + section + film viewing

Critical and theoretical approaches to the emergence of new technologies since the invention of photography. Examine various approaches to media (formalist, semiotic, structuralist, Frankfurt School, cybernetics, visual and gamer theory). AH,OL,SS,VL,WE.

STS 160: Ghosts in the Machine: How Technology Rewires our Senses

MW 3:10-4:30pm

Historical, aesthetic and critical approaches to how information technologies produced ghost effects or a sense of terror in response to new media like the photograph, gramophone, film, typewriter, computer, Turing Machine. Focus on technological media transforms sense perception. AH,SS,VL,ACGH,WE.

STS 163: History of Communications Technology

TR 5:10-6:30pm

History of communication technologies from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century. Questions of technology, knowledge, power and culture. Particular attention to questions about information and truth. SS,WE.

STS 173: Science Fiction

MWF 1:10-2:00pm

The literary modes and methods of science fiction. Representative texts, authors, and themes of the genre; e.g., time travel, alternative universes, and utopias. Relations of science fiction to science, philosophy, and culture. AH,WE.

STS 180: Topics in Science and Technology Studies

MW 9:00-10:20am

**Topic: Science & Race** In-depth treatment of selected topics in anthropology, history, philosophy, and sociology of science and related fields. Possible topics include science and society, science and power, scientific explanation, technology and culture, theory testing. SS.