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Happenings in STS
Engaging Science and Technology: An Interview with Professor Caren Kaplan
We Love Science for What It Is, Not for What We Want It to Be: An Interview with Professor Carroll
(by Alexis Caligiuri)
A Multitude of Critical Perspectives: An Interview with Professor Colin Milburn
UC Davis STS Undergraduate Intern Alexis Caligiuri speaks with Professor Milburn about the role of games in society and how STS can help us understand these relationships
A Respite from the Disciplinary Home: An Interview with Professor Jim Griesemer
Alexis Caligiuri interviews Professor Griesemer about his relationship to STS and Interdisciplinary Study
Into Eternity - very cool and scary documentary on nuclear waste
A very cool Finnish documentary about storage of nuclear materials. Full video. Posted by Timothy Morton

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